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Started this week off behind on running leads. Worked 14 hours Monday in order to try and catch them up. Narrowed them to 6 more which I ran on Tuesday while I dropped off two guys to reroof a small shed. I thought any two idiots could handle a shed roof but when I returned at lunch, they had ran into a good deal of rotten plywood and had not gotten very far at all. I had left some wood that morning but had to go get more which I did right away. When returning later that afternoon it became apparent they were NOT going to finish. It turned out that only ONE guy was working that whole time with all that wood replacement, some of it on mansard walls. The other guy was playing with his phone all day. I had to fire him on the spot and the homeowner saw it all take place as we nearly had a physical confrontation. ( He left walking and refused a ride home Twice ) Wednesday I went back with two other guys and we finished it in a half day. Then we did a couple more repairs. Thursday we left for a front side only job about 60 miles away. I did something I normally wont do on this job and that was include all wood repair in the bid. ( It'seemed fine walking it while the roof was still on )Well, ALL of us fell into the roof before the day was over. Some of us a few times. Turned out to be dry rotted 1 x 6. 108 feet total. Scattered all over the place. We had a huge storm moving in that very night so we HAD to finish. We were almost done as it began to get dark when I realized we were going to run a bundle and a half short on material. I'made it to Lowes to get the O.C. before they closed and we finished the top half of a valley and a 30 ft. ridge with a flash light. We finally got home 3 hrs after dark. Friday morning I hit the landfill first thing, ( right after the heavy rains had fell ) and YEP, I got STUCK! I had to stop by the local car wash and wash 4 inches of caked up mud off my truck and dump trailer. I also had to throw my shoes in the trash! Then I came back home, called and rescheduled some appointments for Monday, took a bath and went back to bed at 10 a.m. If it gets any better than this, I Don't think I'm gonna be able to stand it!
Category: Roofing Post By: BEATRICE HOLLAND (Somerville, MA), 02/03/2018

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