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I Don't know what its like where you operate, but here It'seems that just about every commercial roof job I get involved in these days tHere'seems to be twice as many people shuffling paper than there are actaully doing the work. :S And most of those paper shufflers aren?t even doing what they are supposed to do with any competance. :angry: A lot of them hide behind the computer keyboard too, when the chit hits the fan, Don't answer their phones and Don't reply to messages left. Two examples here lately, both Govt. Public Servant situations or their consultants. On the 10 story balconie asphalt repair and recoat we are subcontracting to a Property Maintenance Co. who have the maintenance contract with the Govt Housing owners. In Dec. I gave them a programme of how we proposed to do the work with minimal inconvienance to the tenants. They accepted this and were supposed to send out a letter to the tenants advising them of what we were going to do. Nothing happened. We are now one third way through the job, a month down the track and as I drop down each level 90% of the tenants come out when they smell the asphalt or hear the grinding and are shocked and amazed at what we are doing. I'm getting lots of questions. None of them have recI'ved jack chit in forward warning. Twice I have advised the Property maintenace people, once in writing and once verbally face to face with their guy who visits every day. Nothing has happened. To avoid total chaos ( people still have pot plants, chairs and bicycles on the walkways/balconies, I had to get some rope one day and hang a bike from the ceiling as it was padlocked to a downpipe and no-one was home):blink: , I'm going to have to write out a notice myself and slip it under each apartment door the day prior. I shouldn?t have to do this the paperpushers who should be doing this just aren?t doing their job . :dry: The second situation is at the University. We did some work last year to a rooftop carpark, lift cobbles, remove Bituthene, torchdown a new membrane and road asphalt over. It all went OK on site, I was in and out in a day, the roading guy had barriered off the area, but there were still people (students, professors etc) trying to get through across the work area, I just yelled at them and told them politely to GTF off my roof. ? Now this was all done through the Property Maintenance Co. ( a different one than the other job). Both me and the roading guy gave quotes and terms etc and they accepted that. Anyway when the payment was due there was nothing, it dragged on for a few days and the chasing started. Not answering the phone, no replies to messages, and that went on for a week. Finally the roading guy who was owed about $30,000 on this went direct to the University. Turned out the guy at the Maintenance Co. reponsible for forwarding the invoice/statements hadn't done so, and that was 20 days after we sent them to him. Later we found out he was off for a week sick when the paperwork was due to be done, and when he came back he forgot!!. didn't delgate the process to anyone else at the Maintenance Co :woohoo: We finally got paid 3 weeks late, the University cut us a cheque direct. So here we are Stage 2 same chit, same roof 2nd part. The Maintenance Co. is not involved this time, we had the Architect speak to the University about our concerns on getting paid on time, so this time It's direct to the University. But ?. :dry: :silly: since Dec the number of paperpushers involved in this has mushroomed from 1 ( the Architect) to 6 :huh: there are two Project Managers (the rooftop carpark is over one building, , but its also the entrance to another adjoining building), the University Financial Controller, a University Tutors Rep., the Architect, the Supervisor of an A/c Co. who is installing a system in one of the buildings, and currently has scaffolding right where we are supposed to be doing the work. I have been recieving copies of e-mails between that lot over the last week, them trying to organise us, its a joke :cheer: , none of them has spoken to either me, the roading guy or the window guy who has to take out this huge window that butts into the roof on one side. Here they are arranging it all to start on Monday, when both the roading guy ( who is going to lift the old cobbles) and myself have it booked in to do from the 15th :cheer: And I haven't recI'ved confI'mation in writing accepting our quote yet :silly: If it wasn?t for the concern about getting paid late, I would be LMAO over all this. Maybe residential is easier. :S
Category: Roofing Post By: ISAAC SIMON (Bismarck, ND), 02/02/2018

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