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Been a while since I did a tear off. This roof is a shop canopy roof over the sidewalk in the city. Seem to be gettng a rash of work downtown lately, basically for the last 3 months, the costs of Parking Permits are encroaching the $1000 mark! I stitched a couple of images together to get a fisheye type view of the roof from a window on the the level above. This old rubber roof was glued on felt nailed to the timber boards. Thats how they did it in the early days, now it has to be plywood substrate, and no felt. I'm not sure the age of the roof, probably mid 1960?s before plywood was common. I found an old label on the back of the felt, it doesn?t give the year of manufacture, the stamp says ? 8 MAR 18?, not sure what the 18 stands for. First view of the roof, before cleaning out all the crap from the gutter (mostly cig butts thrown out the building windows (its student apartments) Had to waterblast the parapets to get the moss off, Then prime them Found a bit of rot in one corner (the reason I was called in to start with) which I repaired Am using Index Rollbase, which is a Fleecebacked Torchon basesheet membrane, and fixing with Soprafix plates and SS screws. Just doing under the laps for now, will put the rest in as I lay the Mineral Chip Cap Sheet. I hope the membrane is still there this morning, 40knot (80kmph) winds, gusts to 130kmph in exposed places right now :blink:. I'might get the parapet upstands on tommorrow, before the drizzle/rain comes in again Friday. Man ths roofing lark is a battle this last few months, La Nina is really causing havoc, windy just about every day, lucky to get one day a week where conditions are right for roofing. I took a break from that Apartment Sarnafil job to do this one, to help with the cashflow, but even this one is going to be a struggle to complete, probably take a week all up, with the way the weather is. :S
Category: Roofing Post By: ANTHONY R (Washington, DC), 03/10/2018

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