Forum Title: Do we have any roofers in South Carolina here?
I was just reading in the news about your state. What a terrible mess that is. I‚ve never seen anything quite like it before. How is your business down there? I‚m sure that things will be picking up soon once everyone has a chance to dry out a little.
Category: Roofing Post By: JENNIFER MILLER (Hayward, CA), 02/09/2018

I saw that on the news online. I‚m not from there and don‚t know anyone that is. I‚d imagine they‚d be getting all kinds of roofing business soon. I think I saw were some areas might get flooded again. Does anyone here ever travel to places like this to earn extra money? They are probably going to need roofers and other people for quite some time.

- Nick L (Huntersville, NC), 03/07/2018

It was a tragic event that will go down in history. There will be money to be made down in South Carolina. I don‚t think of it in terms of being a capitalist pig. Instead, it‚s about helping people out in a time of need. We offer a service and there will be quite a few people that need it. There‚s nothing wrong with lending a helping hand and getting compensated your hard work.

- ELSIE POWERS (Lowell, MA), 03/29/2018

Has anyone here seen any more about this? I‚m surprised there hasn‚t been more talk here about it. Maybe no one here lives near by. There's probably a lot of work to be done there. I‚d consider going if the company I work for went there.

- ROLAND HOLT (Pearland, TX), 05/26/2018

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