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Hi! Got up around 6:30 am this morning and began planning my day. Mapping out leads/estimates i needed to run before some jackleg beat me to the draw and snagged up a couple of jobs that could of been mine. Finally got it all ready and headed for the truck about 8 a.m. As soon as i backed out of the garage i get the word the secretary is sick and will not be working today. She was supposed to run a couple errands for me ( as in pick up a check and do a deposIt'so i can make payroll tomorrow ) Well i had to delay my bids and head to the office to get the info to call and collect and then go to the bank and make a deposit. Got it, came back out but no answer so i just left a message. Picked up my cell phone to call my first lead and set the time ( preferrably now ) but before i could dial my crew leader called from the supply house saying they did not have all of the shingle color i had put in the order for the day before. So back to the office to straighten that out. Call around and try to find out who has it and who?s gonna take it to the job. They also only had enough of another color i needed to deliver 1 job instead of both other jobs. Finally got That'straighted out but then said supplier called saying my account was maxed for the month so would have to come down and pay upfront! lol So i did that. By now it was lunch time so i grabbed a burger and hit the freeway. couldn't contact any of my leads at this time so i stopped in for the oil change i was 4000 miles overdue for before my motor blew up. Tried contacting leads again to no avail ( 6 different leads 0 phone calls answered ) left messages with all 6. Decided to go the office and catch up on calls etc. while i wait for a call back from a lead. Did all that but still no one had called back. Said to heck with it and decided to just get the haircut i was a month overdue for ( could barely see through the bangs ) and then go home and cut the grass. 4 of the 6 leads calls back as im on the way to the barber shop. lol Lined them up for tomorrow. After the hair cut i decided i would try the other 2 leads again to finish the day. Was really sick of it all at this point but felt i had not done enough yet on the day. Contacted one 20 miles away at rush hour traffic time and it took an hour to get to his house. ( But as good fortune would have it I'made the sale ) Was really stressed out by now and made a lare exhale sigh of relief as i knew i could now go home. lol Phone rings. Its the inspection/collection i need for payroll tomorrow saying they are going out of town in the morning. lol So head all the way across town to take care of that. Get held up there for over an hour but did manage to collect. Now back to the office to make a work order for the job i sold and get a deposIt'slip. Made the mistake of checking the mail box and adding 45 more minutes to my list. lol Got home finally at 8 p.m. to learn from the lovely Mrs. Willie that a customer had filed a complaint with the BBB. It was a bogus complaint where this lady ?thought? she ?may? have a leak because of seeing some sheetrock nail heads on her 40 year old ceilings. lol Filed a response on the computer trying to defend my company?s precious reputation! Finally ended it all around 10 p.m. Oh well just another 14 hour day in roofers paradise! lol
Category: Roofing Post By: DAVE ACOSTA (Westminster, CA), 02/14/2018

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