Four Surprising Things You Didnt Know About Saw Tooth Roofs

Popular industrial contractors - Repair Tech Blogs - Get free quotes - install roofing, roof inspection, inspect roof, roof framing. Judges of the British Construction Industry?s highlighted the distinctive shape as it offers potential for solar panels to be installed. The saw tooth design has won praise for its potential for renewable energy ..More

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How to Read and Understand an Roofing Insurance Claim Summary

Listings Of emergency contractors - Guide & Tips On - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - In this case, you have an RCV subtotal represented. If you see a column to the left of this labeled ?taxes? or ?other? then it is likely to represent the full RCV for that section or elevation. I always check to make sure the depreciation is recoverable and if there are base service charges or haul off fees that need to be accounted for in specific trades. Free contractor estimates - roof shingle repair, metal roof repair, commercial roof repair, metal roof coating. In the earlier versions of the software, the column breaking out the taxes and other for each line item or component is missing. It is the grand total. I note the ACV and the RCV totals as well as the Net Claim totals. The full cost of the repairs is the RCV, or the Replacement Cost Value. Differences are more likely to be seen on which components are included or omitted from the claim. If there are multiple Summaries, you will need to add all the RCV?s together for the full amount of the repairs. On each section of spreadsheets there is a column labeled RCV. If there are several roofs, don't forget to add them together. A claim summary can range from 4-100?s of pages, depending on how detailed the adjuster is in his or her notes and the extent of damages you incurred. You have to refer to the summary page to make sure you have everything figured in. This is seen on actual cash value policies and often on fences, sheds and some cedar shake roofs. For instance, painting a pipe jack could show up as painting, but it would be done by the roofer. The RCV includes the depreciation, the taxes and the overhead and profit. If I need to figure out how much is allowed for each trade, I go through each elevation and pull out that trade, keeping in mind that some elevations have more damage than others. If you read your claim summary in this manner, it should be easier to understand fully. Some of the roof items can show up as hvac. If there is non-recoverable depreciation, deduct that too. If this is the case, a revised claim summary in writing should be obtained before starting the repairs. I always prefer to go through each section and total up the line item RCV?s that pertain to the trade I am figuring. Most claim summaries are formatted pretty similarly, because nearly all of the insurance companies now use Xactimate to generate their estimates. Some claim summaries include a trade summary page, but it can be misleading as some items are coded differently when being entered. The average length for a hail claim is 5-15 pages. The depreciation is the amount held back by the insurance company, but in most cases is recovered at the end of the project. Supplements may be needed to get approval for components that are omitted or correct the quantity on a specific component. If you want to know what insurance is paying for gutters, you may need to go through the sections for each elevation and pull out the RCV amount for each line item describing gutters. It also includes the deductible amount. Our office and project managers often assist in clarifying questions on claim summaries for our clients. On the spread sheets for each section, you will see a column listing the amount of depreciation for each line item as well as a subtotal at the bottom of each section. Figuring out the costs of the repairs tends to be the most confusing part. It is usually the second column from the right. The vast majority of depreciation is recoverable. If in doubt, it is an excellent idea to call the office or ask your project manager specific questions regarding your own claim summary. It is labeled on the summary pages as non-recoverable depreciation. It is important to understand exactly what you have been paid and will be paid ultimately when hiring contractors to complete the repairs. For example, to know what the insurance is paying for the roof, you will need to see the totals at the bottom of that section. That is the full amount you will receive from the insurance company for your claim. If there are <> symbols around the depreciation amount, then it is non-recoverable, which is not given to the insured. When looking at a claim summary for a client, I tend to glance at the Summary Page first and then tackle it in sections. Each company has their own twist on how it is presented, but the overall per unit pricing is fairly consistent. The bottom line, if you want to know how much you will receive from the insurance company for the claim, most of the time all you have to do is add up the RCV totals on all the summaries and deduct the deductible ..More

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Emergency Roof Repair: What to Expect

Best Local commercial contractors - Technician Forum Service - Get free quotes - rubber flat roof, aluminium roof, roof repair, roof cleaning. Then, if you know the damage is significant, it?s a good idea to speak to your insurance company. The insurance representatives will make sure your claim is processed properly and let you know how much of the damage they?ll cover financially. Having this information will make you more prepared to have a conversation with a roofing repair company. . It's your responsibility to protect your home so getting emergency roof repairs underway should be your first step ..More

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Flat Roof Repair and Replacement Costs in Washington, D.C., and Maryland

Directory listing of emergency contractors - Forum With Contractors - Water also can damage the insulation boards, making a small leak on a flat roof much more detrimental than an asphalt or cedar-shake roof. Get free estimates - roof construction, mobile home roofing, tile roof repair, fix roof leak. By their nature, flat roofs can?t simply be tarped or caulked as a repair measure. Water may pond on flat roofs, and leaks are often difficult to pinpoint?you can get a drip entering the interior of your home in one spot, but the actual leak is 30 feet away ..More

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5 Amazing Ways Your Roof Contributes to a Green Environment

Directory Of certified contractors - Blog - Inspections & Maintenance - Get free estimates - pvc roofing, built up roof, galvanized roofing, epdm rubber roofing. The roof of the future will have amazing benefits for our environment, helping us to save our world. The benefits are amazing, and we are glad to see that more and more people choose solar roofing instead of traditional roofs ..More

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